Hockey Directors Club: Mission Statement Workshop with Wally Kozak

Hockey Directors Club - Mission Statement
"Every leadership organization has to have a value driven mission statement in order to accomplish anything."

In the season two opener of the Directors Club with Mike Bonelli, coaching legend Wally Kozak presents his Mission Statement Workshop, as he takes you through an exercise to provide a sense of direction and purpose for your hockey program.

Effective and successful teams have a common understanding of what they want to gain from every season. It’s about getting everyone involved, the coaches, parents, and players, on the same page. As Wally explains, having a mission statement is a critical way to build a foundation for success.

“Every leadership organization has to have a value driven mission statement in order to accomplish anything.”

Check out season 1 of the Directors Club and join us for the next live webinar by signing up below!


You can join the second webinar of the season on Wednesday, November 16th @ 8 am PST.

Mike will welcome a panel of special guests as they discuss the similarities and differences faced when managing different sized youth programs. From the formation of teams, to the distribution of ice, many situations arrive that will take different solutions depending on the size and scope of your organization.

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Michael Bonelli

Currently the owner of Mike Bonelli Hockey Solutions, Bonelli has over 35 years of program building and planning experience for ice hockey. He has coached at every level of hockey and is considered as an expert in youth hockey programming, development, retention, and communication.

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