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CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 2 station shooting drills

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Make the most of your small-ice setup by running two shooting drills simultaneously, one focused on reaction shooting and the other on adjusting to tough one-timer feeds.

Drill description

  • Drill 1: Reaction Shooting
    • X starts above circle with puck and banks pass off bumper, moving quickly to retrieve it
    • O reads attacker and chooses which side they take away
    • X must react to the defender and choose alternate route to net, taking a hard shot on goal
    • Switch positions and repeat

    Drill 2: Bad Pass 1 Timer

    • X and O start on opposite sides of the zone, take turns making 1 timer passes to their partner
    • Passes should purposely be either in front or behind partner
    • Aim of drill is to practice taking a one timer that’s not in the perfect position

Key points

  • Run drills in pairs
  • Players should be aware of their position on the ice at all times and focus on shooting with a purpose

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