CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 3-player horseshoe

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A classic continuous 2 vs 0, the 3-player horseshoe is a drill that’s found in the playbooks of coaches around the world. It’s a great warmup which integrates a quick outlet from the defensive zone and allows players to be creative on their zone entries and attack to the net.

Drill Description

  • X1 and O1 leave their ends without a puck
  • Players turn at pylon and each receive pass from the corner, take puck to the wall, while the passers take the middle ice
  • X2 and O2 takes off in support
  • First player drifts to middle and passes to trailer, trailer goes hard and wide, passes to first player in the slot for a shot
  • Trailer becomes first player and the drill becomes continuous

Key Points

  • Follow with one-player and two-player horseshoe as a progression
  • Support, weaving and moving as a unit

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