CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 5 vs 0 neutral zone movement

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This drill comes courtesy of Nashville Predators assistant coach Dan Muse, and seen in our Chalk Talk series. The 5 vs 0 NZ movement drill is all about the details of filling open lanes and having clear communication between all players on the ice. Without added defensive pressure, this drills allows you to perfect a quick pass up ice and break down your entry options.


  • Drill starts as shown with players and coaches tight to the boards, below each hashmark
  • Five players on the ice skate back to a spotted puck from the coach, and execute a neutral zone transition
  • D who retrieves the puck has two options (1) Quick up to F1 or (2) A D-D pass and transition to F3
  • Centre F2 must fill the middle lane and support each option for transition
  • Focus on entry strategies
    • Hard centre lane drive, high D support
    • Enter zone and delay for a pass to the trailing D

Key Points:

  • Forwards are filling lanes, but importantly having centre lane support

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