CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Either side defend

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Created by CoachThem co-founder and CEO Mike Weaver — this drill helps players practice their angling skills by choosing their route to the puck, and working on their body positioning and stick placement.

Drill description

  • X‘s and O‘s line up on the boards, coach shoots a puck just inside the zone of either blue line.
  • The players whose side the puck is shot to will be on offence and the other will be on defence.
  • The defensive player must take a route to the puck carrier that will angle them to the boards.
  • Use your stick to shut the door and not allow the player to cut to the middle.

Key points

  • Defensive player has a plan, which is to angle towards the boards.
  • Defensive player should not be too far ahead or behind the forward.
  • Your stick is one of the most important tools which helps you to direct the opposition. “Heard the sheep” to where you want them to go!
  • The play cannot enter the neutral zone.

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