CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Reciprocating 1 vs 1

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The Reciprocating 1 vs 1 is a simple battle drill that’s has a primary focus of angling and separating the player from the puck. Whether your team has body-checking or not, these skills are vital in successful defensive game, especially in the high percentage scoring areas.

Drill description

  • Coach places two pucks inside the blue line on opposite sides.
  • On the whistle coach points at the puck that is in play. The player on that side is on offence and the player from the other corner is on defence. Play the 1 vs 1 until you hear a second whistle.
  • Next whistle, the second puck is in play and the player that was on defence is now the offensive player, the offensive player now is on defence.

Key points

  • Gap control is key on defence. Read if you can pressure or if you should contain.
  • Stick on puck and body on body. Defensive player steers the attack to the outside and protects the good ice.
  • Offensive player needs to get to the puck quickly and attack with speed.
  • Protect the puck and get it to the net.

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