Hockey Factories Podcast Ep. 1 and 2: Youth Development and Coaching

Hockey Factories Podcast - Episode 1
Welcome to the Hockey Factories Podcast, brought to you by The Coaches Site.

In this series we will hear from the coaches, managers and players who helped bring the first five Hockey Factories articles to life. Listen as you get exclusive insight into the rooms where Sidney Crosby, Leon Draisaitl, Rasmus Dahlin and hundreds of others got their starts and developed into some of the brightest stars in the NHL.

Join us as we travel to Minnesota, British Columbia, Germany, Finland and Sweden to see how these programs are doing it right, and what you can take to your program to create your own Hockey Factory.

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In episode 1, we examine youth development and where Shattuck St-Marys, the Okanagan Hockey Academy, Adler Mannheim, Jokerit and Frolunda leave their marks on a player’s career.


There is no greater impact on a player’s hockey life than their coach. Coaching is a reward and an honour and with it – like great power – comes great responsibility.

Episode 2 of the Hockey Factories Podcast will reveal strategies used by coaches around the world ranging from how coaching has changed in 2022, the challenge of coaching the most skilled and not-so-skilled players on your team and how important it is for coaches to collaborate for the greater good.

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Matt Dumouchelle

Matt Dumouchelle is the Assistant GM with the Leamington Flyers of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League, a position he’s held for the last three seasons. Matt is the proud father of Evelyn and Crosley and currently resides in Windsor, Ontario.

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