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Five Reasons Why Playoffs Are Unique!

In Leadership by Walter Aguilar

Hockey players who have played in the playoffs know that the energy and intensity behind games becomes different. They fight all year to get there, but only one team can be the champions. These are five things that make the playoffs games unique:

1. The overall intensity is higher because of the importance of each game

The game becomes quicker, the hits harder and less about thinking more about being, it becomes very intuitive and creativity is key.

2. Players struggle with the dilemma of playing hurt vs playing injured

As playoffs come at the end of the season some playoff matches become a game of attrition. Many player cross the line into playing injured but their effectiveness suffers. Awareness is key. Accepting soreness, fatigue, and pain without it becoming an energy drain is essential. Focusing on the moment helps.

3. Playing time is given to those who are most effective

Coaches are going to ride their horses in order to win. If players can’t handle the pressure they will sit. Nothing is personal. Players must increase their awareness, energy, engagement and confidence to meet the challenges that come with intensity of each game.

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4. Players truly understand the meaning of playing for each other

A deep bond is created in the adversity of playing in the ebbs & flows of the playoffs. They understand they are experiencing a once in a lifetime experience together. The players, coaches, moments and lessons they experience will have a lifelong effect.

5. Momentum shifts in any series, can happen at any time

A timely goal, an awesome save, a fight, you just never know when it will happen. Even a coach or GM addressing the media can have an effect. Energy flows to team who imposes their will on the other. Success (mastery of the process) is not luck, it has to be intentional.

The mindsets of the players and coaches are tested and those with the will to withstand the physical, emotional and spiritual tolls, and rise to the occasion are the ones who ultimately end up being the champions.

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Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar – is a Certified Professional Coach and COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. Using the mind/energy connection to performance, he teaches a unique approach to peak performance. He specializes in teaching mindfulness for hockey using the COR.E Performance Dynamics energy leadership system. This is based on the 7 levels of energy that thoughts create. These affect awareness, confidence, engagement, creativity and intuition. His equation of Performance = Potential – Interference, provides a framework for success in hockey and life.


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