10000 Hour Rule Debunking Dr. Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis: Debunking the 10,000 Hour Rule

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This is seriously madness. Weird science. The 10,000 hour rule is a myth? Come on.

For years we’ve been teaching young hockey players about the value of repetition. Whether you’re taking a wrist shot or performing a breakout to the coach’s expectations, the more times you can repeat the skill or pattern, the more it will become second nature.

It will become natural.

Well, what Dr. Justin Davis is about to teach us is unnatural. We need our players to be on the ice 12 months of the year, multiple times each day, and performing challenging new skills and techniques until they can basically be certified as experts themselves. So do your worst, Dr. Davis. Humour us.

Note: I wrote that introduction prior to watching Dr. Davis’ presentation at the 2016 Coaches’ Conference in Toronto

Watching now…


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All jokes aside, Dr. Davis’ presentation clearly lays out the 4 defining features of deliberate practice, the pillars of skill development and talent. But for Dr. Davis, grit might equal deliberate practice, but grit doesn’t necessarily equal creativity.

“The bigger the mistake you make early on, the bigger the error message your brain gets, when you see those kids who hop out onto the ice with no fear of falling down and no fear of making mistakes, those are the ones who are getting big messages back from their muscles to their brains. Bigger mistakes early on leads to more rapid learning when it comes to motor development. Encourage kids to make those mistakes and not have that fear of failure.”

In addition to his BSc in cell biology from the University of Ontario, Dr. Davis has his MSc in Neuroscience and his PHD in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia.

Read more about Dr. Davis.

We were thrilled to have Dr. Davis speak at our 2016 conference. He added a completely new dimension to the conversation. We all run into the problem of over-coaching, over-reacting, and over-analyzing. For Dr. Davis, balance is key.

“When we pursue grit as the core characteristic we’re trying to develop, it’s important we don’t leave creativity behind.”

Where do you land on this topic?

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