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NHL skills coach Tim Turk on the art of shooting to score

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A common comment NHL shooting and scoring coach Tim Turk will make after a player takes a shot is “nice hips!” This might not be common feedback where you’re from, but for a player who understands the drawbacks of fighting for counter-balance, they know exactly what Tim is talking about.

If a player at the NHL level isn’t developing his skills and improving on a daily basis, then somebody else will come along in short order to steal his job. This is a fact of life in professional hockey, but the great thing about skill development is it starts in minor hockey. Habits. Motivation. Work ethic.

Tim Turk has been a shooting and scoring coach for two decades, including stops in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes, and Arizona Coyotes, in addition to programs in Sweden, Asia, Finland, Latvia, and Russia.

Tim helps players focus on establishing balance and a base from which they can shoot, pass, and stickhandle. Players who work with Tim can shoot off one foot or two, but both techniques require a posture that allows for the power position.

Key quotes:

  • “The human mind wants the body to be in balance.”
  • “Staying low creates power, stability, and reaction time.”
  • “Look for the foundational position whether they’re a righty or a lefty.”
  • “Good shooters look like they explode out of their chest when they shoot. It’s a different read for the goalies.”
  • “Minor hockey coaches ask why their players load the puck up so far back. If players can keep their hands in front of them and use their stride to generate power, then it’s a lot more deceptive and harder for the goalie to track.”

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