Chalk Talk: Oilers assistant coach Glen Gulutzan breaks down the cycle (VIDEO)

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Goal-scoring is up in our game at every level. Defencemen are getting in on the action more than ever before, but it’s still primarily the forwards’ job to create scoring chances inside the offensive zone.

Edmonton Oilers assistant coach Glen Gulutzan is fortunate to have offensive weapons at his disposal in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, but it’s still crucial to have an offensive zone scheme from which those players, and players of all abilities, can generate opportunities to put the puck in the back of the net.

For Gulutzan, it’s important to establish concepts such as moving your feet as soon as you get the puck. Learn the terminology he uses for the best duo of the world and how you can apply it to your team.

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  1. Thanks coach, we’re teaching SOFT in all situations and all zones. Great cycle drill progression for enhanced IZO, especially the butt out guy creating confusion in DZC. Well done, Thank You!

  2. Combining the cycle with second-quick puck support may also stretch the defense and create further chaos in the slot and around the net. Having pros share their ideas in this hands-on series is great!

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