“The Forecheck Drill” and “Boucher Drill”

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Get your competitive juices flowing with this forechecking and offensive zone entries drills

Mike Johnston is back with another edition of On the Board. This week, Mike shares a competitive forecheck drill and a great drill to work on your offensive zone entries.

Every week, we’ll be releasing two drills, as Johnston provides insight on how to best implement them into your practice.

Get your competitive juices flowing with this forechecking and offensive zone entries drills . . .



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  • My 10U A team ran both of these last night. We got a surprise full-ice practice that we had not planned for and I pulled these two drills out and they ran with so much success. The Boucher drill really helped them better understand regrouping in the neutral zone and then entering the O-zone with speed and control of the play.

Mike Johnston

Johnston’s coaching career includes over 30 years of experience at various levels. After starting his career at the University/College level, Johnston would get involved with Hockey Canada as a General Manager, Associate Coach, and Head Coach. He was also an Assistant Coach at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano. His NHL career includes stops in Vancouver and LA as an Assistant, and Pittsburgh as a Head Coach. He began his tenure with the Portland Winterhawks in 2008 as Head Coach and GM, and has served since. He has won 3 World Championship Golds, a Spengler Cup and a WHL Championship.

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