One Drill Every Coach Should Have in their Toolbox

The world’s most famous soccer manager starts every training session with a variation of this.

As coaches, we enjoy drills that have many fast and quick puck touches. Those short feedback loops help foster development in our players’ skills and their levels of focus. Putting all of that in a competitive setting is a coach’s dream.

Let’s talk about a Rondo. At its simplest form, it’s a game of “monkey in the middle” where the players on the outside pass to keep possession while players in the middle attempt to create a turnover or deflect the puck outside of the game area.

A basic rondo will be 4×2, 5×2 or 5×3 and looks like the image above.

The world’s most famous soccer manager Pep Guardiola starts every training session with a rondo. Why start with the same drill every day? Because it’s fundamental to how his team plays and how he develops his players.

What are we developing on offence?

1. Quick decision-making through ice awareness

Players have to assess options before the puck hits their stick in order to see success. As they gain a hold of the quick pace their perception of speed slows down and allows for better decisions.

2. Deception, manipulation creativity

Players will attempt to move the middle players and middle player’s sticks with deceptive eyes and body language.

The world’s most famous soccer manager starts every training session with a variation of this . . .



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  • Спасибо Грег! Это очень хороший и познавательный материал!

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