Pavel Barber on how to teach puck protection (VIDEO)

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Pavel Barber

Barber is a stickhandling specialist with a deep passion for understanding skills deeply. If there's 2 things he is most passionate about, it's the game of hockey, and the work ethic it takes to get as good as you can at something. Coach Barber has studied talent generation across all fields, and I am honoured to be in a position to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of hockey players.

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It’s a skill you need to have, and the best players have it in abundance.

Pavel Barber specializes in a wide range of technical hockey skills. He joined our 2017 Hockey Coaches Conference to provide an on-ice demonstration teaching the finer points of protecting the puck and puck possession.

You know who’s good at protecting the puck? Sidney Crosby. You know who else? Every hockey player who plays in the NHL. For Barber, the ability to protect the puck is a prerequisite for every level — it’s a skill you need to have, and the best players have the skill in abundance.

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