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Playoff Breakdowns | NCAA Frozen 4: Notre Dame vs Michigan

In Tactics by Mike Coldham

It’s a fantastic time of year to be a hockey coach. There are helpful examples of hockey played at its highest level everywhere you look, from the NHL to major junior hockey and playoff action at the collegiate level. Every year I review game video of the Final Four Tournament for the following reasons:

These young men play with speed and physicality.

The players compete hard in all three zones and there are a lot of forced turnovers.

The goals scored are the result of hard work, skill, grit, and determination.

The hockey is played “fast”. These young players support the puck offensively and defensively in all three zones for sixty minutes.

The teams are well coached and play disciplined hockey.

Both teams usually run an aggressive forecheck in the NZ and OZ which is fun to watch.

Tactically the teams outnumber offensively and defensively and play more man coverage than zone in the defensive zone which is fun to watch. You see more play making in tight spaces.

The video shared below provides you with a review of the 7 goals scored in the semifinal between Notre Dame and Michigan. The winning goal was scored by Notre Dame with a few seconds remaining in the third period.

Both teams played really hard. Michigan showed their competitiveness by fighting to the very end to try and win this hockey game. But not everything in life or sport is fair. Notre Dame fought back from a two goal deficit to win.

The video breakdown is not done to be critical of any player. These young guys are skilled, talented players. My thoughts are shared to provide details about the game for possible learning opportunities for anyone interested.


Think Less Play Faster Mike Coldham

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Mike Coldham

Mike has over 25 years of coaching experience as a Technical Mentor Coach of people in Business and Sports. Now retired after 35 years of public service, Mike created the TLPF website to support the development of competitive minor hockey players. Mike works with competitive hockey players to help them learn how to play faster which requires tactical knowledge and skills.


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