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Victor Kraatz is doing a lot more than just teaching hockey players new tips and techniques to improve their skating.

He’s teaching them how to be better people, too.

Sure, you say. Every coach is trying to do that. Well, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Victor, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Victor is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, first and foremost. How nice? Well, ask Matt Barzal, he of the New York Islanders and last year’s rookie of the year in the NHL.

“Matt asked me about my interest in coming to New York to work with the team,” Victor told me when I pushed him to talk about his work with the Islanders’ top centre. “I told him to just worry about himself and have a good year. There’s a new coaching staff, Matt’s on his own there without Tavares, we can certainly talk but I think he should just focus on himself and his teammates.”

What a guy. Tune into today’s special podcast with world champion and current skating coach Victor Kraatz.

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