7 different power play breakouts used by NHL teams (VIDEOS)

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If you want to have a successful power play, you will not only need good players, but also smart tactics, including a successful breakout and zone entry. In this article, we’ll be breaking down most of the power play breakouts used by NHL teams during the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs.

We will see seven different breakouts, with some variation within them.

1. The 3-2 breakout

The most common power play breakout is the famous 3-2.

Teams try to push north and drop the puck behind to create separation between the penalty killers and the attacking players. In the video below we’ll see eight variations of the breakout 3-2, with my two favourites coming from the Washington Capitals and the double drop variation from the Tampa Bay Lightning.




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    Awesome work coach, well done! Thanks for taking the time to create the lesson.

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    Thanks Bryan. It’s always nice to write articles.

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    Which program are you using to create these highlight videos? How do you get the circles around the players in order to bring attention to them? Thanks!

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