Regroup | Last Minute Heroics: 6on5 Goals with the Goalie Pulled

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Last week we talked about scoring goals shorthanded. With the way the NHL is trending and goal-scoring soaring to new heights, it’s easier and easier to find examples of offense scored beyond the realms of 5on5 play.

And with junior hockey playoffs underway, the college season wrapping up both north and south of the border, and professional playoffs right around the corner, most of us become fans sooner or later. There’s some real fun on the way.

Is there a better feeling than scoring a late goal with your goalie pulled? For that player, certainly not, except maybe scoring in overtime in the playoffs. No team goes the distance in the playoffs without scoring an unlikely goal late to even things up and head to overtime, so today we’re going to look at late 6on5 goals.


Outnumber the opponent on the puck, find the quiet ice backdoor, and thread a picture perfect pass through and it’s in the net. Nice finish by the defender creeping in, but this goal doesn’t happen if the forecheckers let up for a second while they’re fighting to retrieve the puck.


Same idea here. Hey, the Oilers often find themselves down a goal late in games, at least they’re learning how to produce in those situations.


Winnipeg has ideal personnel all over the place for this late goal with the goalie pulled. Often it’s just about going to the right spots and then cleaning up the trash.


When it comes to the 6on4, you need to trust your players. Coaches are guilty of over-coaching from time to time, a 6on4 situation is an opportunity to tell your players to follow some basic keys, like getting the puck to the middle of the ice. Ryan O’Reilly makes a great play off the zone entry, and Jaden Schwartz takes advantage of the open ice caused by Arizona penalty. And Schwartz makes no mistake, what a shot.

Next week: taking a stand – defending 5on6 with the other team’s goalie pulled.

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