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The Coaches Site welcomes Rob Williams as new Editor in Chief

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This isn’t an easy article to write.

I’m used to writing about other people. Analyzing what players do on the ice and tactics coaches employ on the bench.

That stuff is easy.

But tell you about myself? Well, that might be the hardest interview question you can get.

So naturally, one of the first tasks the powers that be at The Coaches Site gave me was to write an introduction piece. No pressure.

Ok, here goes nothing.

My name is Rob Williams, I’ve been the Sports Editor at Daily Hive for nearly four years and recently I’ve added the title of Editor in Chief at The Coaches Site as well.

A bit about myself

I write about all sorts of sports for a living, but I made a name for myself as Rob The Hockey Guy.

And for good reason.

I played minor hockey as a child and haven’t stopped lacing up my skates since.

I was long on heart but short on talent, so that led me to coaching, for three years with Vancouver Minor Hockey Association peewee rep teams. I worked briefly for the Vancouver Canucks before building out the sports section at Daily Hive – one of the largest online-only publications in Canada.

That job has afforded me a number of opportunities, and allowed me to cover a number of events – including countless Vancouver Canucks games, the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, the 2017 and 2019 NHL Drafts, and the 2019 World Junior Championship. In short, it’s a dream job.

Ok great, what’s that mean for The Coaches Site?

I’m not planning to change a lot with The Coaches Site, mostly because not a lot needs fixing.

We have a great product with tons of exclusive content tailor-made for hockey coaches. Need a drill for your next practice? We’ve got you covered. Want to hear from the best in the business with detailed presentations? That’s our bread and butter.

The list of guests we get for our annual Hockey Coaches Conference – our  flagship event – is outstanding, and gets better every year.

Our video series is second to none, and reason alone to sign up for a TCS membership, as are insightful pieces from Ryan Stimson and John Becanic.

My job is just to put a little extra shine on the finished product.

This isn’t my first tour of duty with The Coaches Site. I interviewed Travis Green, as well as Brent Kisio and Brad Berry for Behind the Bench, which is a series I’m looking to revive.

A coach is only as good as his players, and an editor is only as good as the content he has to work with.

Lucky for me, we’re stacked in that regard.

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Rob Williams


Rob Williams is a former amateur hockey coach, the Sports Editor at Daily Hive, and the Editor in Chief of The Coaches Site.


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