The simplest way to teach hockey players to play fast

Kelvin Cech

Steady contributor in multiple roles over the years at the coaches site, current head coach of the West Van Warriors Academy U18 Prep Team, former MJHL coach of the year with the Winkler Flyers and assistant coach with the UBC Thunderbirds Men's Hockey team.

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We can help players play fast by giving them techniques to use in traffic.

If you don’t keep up with the trends in the game, then you’re likely to get left behind at some point. The game is always changing.

Defence used to rule the day in the 1990’s because it was the only hope the NHL had to defeat the Oilers and Islanders teams of the 1980’s. Enter the stay-at-home defenceman responsible for clutching, grabbing, and shot-blocking his way to the Stanley Cup.

I’m looking at you, New Jersey Devils.

The why

Hockey is a copycat game. Coaches are obsessed with improving their team’s chances of winning, so we watch what other teams do to win.

In the past few years coaches at the minor hockey level have dedicated their efforts to skill development because, and try not to act too surprised here, having more good hockey players than the other team improves your chances of winning. Neat, huh?

We can help players play fast by giving them techniques to use in traffic . . .



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