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And improving efficiency.

For years, hockey coaches have conducted player evaluation in an inefficient, time-sucking way.

Despite technological advancements in all walks of life, many coaches still use a pen and paper to evaluate their players at training camps and tryouts, but that’s changing.

Coaches have started to adapt, using tools that help eliminate the common pains that come along with camps and tryouts.

EnterĀ SkillShark, an innovative evaluation software that is saving coaches time, while improving efficiency and communication. Coaches can eliminate the need for stacks of handwritten notes, spreadsheets, and hours of painful data entry with the SkillShark app, which allows coaches to evaluate anywhere by simply using their smartphone. The software saves associations about 50 hours+ of data entry per tryout.

All data gets stored in one place, and evaluations happen in real-time. Coaches can also compare and sort players, create teams, send player reports, and even track player progression over time. SkillShark is an essential way to improve communication between minor hockey coaches, players, and parents. Player reports show granular results from their evaluations, which give players the opportunity to effectively benchmark and improve.

Evaluation criteria is fully customizable to fit the team or age group being evaluated, with SkillShark allowing users to try the product for free or request a demo to learn how it works.

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