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Small Area Game: New York Ranger Powerplay

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Want to see sparks fly at the end of your next practice? The New York Ranger Powerplay Game was a key for us during our run leading up to the playoffs. It was the last thing we’d do in the last practice before playing a game for the entire second half of our season. Sticks were broken, egos bruised, and competition reigned supreme. Put a green tea latte at the airport on the line and watch what happens.

Drill Description:

  • X1 & X4 play 1on1 inside the centre ice circle – they can’t cross the red line
  • The green team can pass to each other, so can the blues
  • The players on the outside of the circle can’t cross centre or enter the circle
  • Play games up to 5 or 6

Key Points:

  • Quick passes – if you wait too long to make a play then the defending player will have time to get in the way
  • Shoot the puck!

CoachThem Ice Hockey Tips and Drills Mike Weaver

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