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The Deliberate & Varied Art of Shooting the Puck

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The on-ice skills components of our annual coaches conferences have always been a hit. Whether it’s learning the intricate details of stationary skills or watching the bigger picture sessions that include team tactics and strategies, the common language of the rink makes the content easy to digest.

And working on shooting the puck is the best of the best. Why? Well, what’s the first thing everyone does when they hop on the ice? They grab a puck, take a couple strides, and try to rip it into the top corner. There’s a satisfaction that comes from shooting the puck. We can all do it when there’s no goalie or defensemen or backcheckers threatening to take the shot away from us.

But that’s not the reality facing our players.

There are a couple universal characteristics of a good shot:

  • The players gets it off quickly
  • The shot itself is hard
  • The puck hits the net

Other than that, there are several variables that can impact the shooter. Which foot are they shooting from? Where are they on the ice? Do they have room or are they shooting from or through coverage? Are they shooting off the rush? One-timers? Backhands? Slapshots? What about the angle of the blade?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the most offensive weapon in a hockey player’s arsenal. It’s important to focus on a player’s strengths when it comes to shooting the puck (getting off good shots in a game leads to increased confidence), but it’s also crucial to address weaknesses as well.

Lac St. Louis Lions Head Coach Jon Goyens gave us a demonstration of shooting techniques at our 2018 coaches’ conference in Toronto. For Coach Goyens, it’s all about the basics. A good foundation allows for steady progress in different areas, and shooting the puck is no exception.

Check out the trailer for Skills and Drills with Jon Goyens below, or watch the entire presentation with your premium membership here.

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