The Importance of Varied Off-Season Training

The Importance of Varied Off-Season Training
Put your hockey stick down for a few weeks. Recharge and work on overall fitness levels and total body strength & conditioning.

We have officially reached the off-season; hockey has come to an end and with that comes a bittersweet feeling. Many players never want the season to end. Knowing that hockey is over, and their team will never be exactly the same moving forward, can be challenging for many. However, it’s an important time to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, reflect on growth and development, and look forward to what a new year might bring.

The off-season is an integral part of an athlete’s lifestyle and should be valued as such. It is a time to rest. A time to recharge. A time to focus on other sports and hobbies. All this can be done whilst still maintaining overall fitness.

The number one concept to the off-season is rest and recharge. All athletes need a break. Hockey players are no exception. Whether they know it or not, taking at least a few weeks to hang up the skates is crucial. There is nothing wrong with playing spring/summer hockey or attending camps; simply make sure to take a decent break at some point during the off-season. This will help prevent burnout and injury, and it also helps rekindle the passion for the sport. You can’t miss something until it’s gone and this is an important feeling for players to experience.

Put your hockey stick down for a few weeks. Recharge and work on overall fitness levels and total body strength & conditioning . . .



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Sarah Crowther

Sarah Crowther has almost 30 years combined playing and coaching experience in hockey. She is the Owner/Operator of Kawartha Kodiak Elite Hockey Development, as well as a Head Coach, Hockey Instructor, and Former OUA Athlete.

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