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The Regroup | How to Build a Real Hockey Team This Season

In Leadership, The Regroup by Kelvin Cech

Let’s drop the puck already!

The Coaches’ Site is back behind the bench ready and rarin’ to get started on the 2018/19 season. To hockey coaches from this coast to the next, across the ocean and all over the world, welcome back.

This is what’s going to happen. We’re going to start delivering videos from this summer’s #HCC2018 tomorrow. You’ll see blog posts every Tuesday with links to video teasers. If you want to watch the entire presentation, you can sign up for a membership here. That membership also gets you access to all of our archived video content from the past seven years as well. Each video has a direct impact on your team – one day you might watch San Jose Sharks Assistant Coach Dave Barr break down the penalty kill, the next you might watch The University of New Brunswick’s Head Coach Gardiner McDougall talk about the importance of culture and developing an environment of support.

Either way, monthly memberships are an inexpensive way to stay at the top of your game.

Sign up now

What’s Coming Up: Teambuilding

This year we’re going to focus our content with monthly themes. First up? Teambuilding. Starting tomorrow we’ve got Eerie Otters Head Coach Chris Hartsburg with his powerful presentation from this past summer in Toronto.

After that we’ve got a brand new contributor, Dara Festerling, with an article about basic advanced stats and how you can put them to work for your team. Then we’ve got drills, a special guest on the Glass & Out Podcast, and finally an article from contributor Kyle Elmendorf with 5 questions you can ask to start the teambuilding process this season.

And that’s just week one! So make sure you follow us on twitter so you don’t miss anything.

It’s going to be another fantastic season. We’ve got more content coming down the pipe than ever before, so whether you’re coaching minor hockey, professional, or somewhere in between, we’re going to have something you can incorporate into your games and practices to build a positive, successful experience for your team.

So, two streams.

  1. free content (the regroup, articles, drills, the Glass & Out Podcast)
  2. Access to full length videos from our summer conferences

Either way, we’re happy to have you here. Enjoy yourself this month, start as you mean to go, and if you know someone you think might enjoy what we’re doing here, make sure to share this post.

Thanks again. Make a difference out there.

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