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Ville Peltonen on how to score goals more efficiently as a team (VIDEO)

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Every team wants to score more goals, but as a coach, how do you make sure your players are efficient at it?

That’s a topic that Ville Peltonen got to the bottom of at our Virtual Hockey Summit, in his presentation on scoring efficiency.

Following a 25-year professional hockey career, Peltonen got into coaching in his native Finland in 2014, and later in Switzerland from 2016 to 2020.

Peltonen broke down the process that goes into scoring goals, while evaluating the following:

  • Shooting ability and strategy
  • Personal tendencies (strengths)
  • Team structure and support work

Are you making the goalie move? Do you have a strong enough net-front presence?

Those are just two of many questions to ask yourself, because there’s a lot of skills and nuances that can be taught.

“In practices, if you’re trying to create more offence and improve the efficiency in scoring, there has to be… good quality habits and sticks on the defensive side of your team practices, otherwise the challenge is not enough to get the players ready in games or improving their skills,” Peltonen explained.

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